LEMNKING, part of F&J EUROPE, is a private capital company specialized in wood processing which entered Romanian market in 1996 through a consistent green field investment.

With headquarters in Bucharest (Romania’s capital), LEMNKING has established its production facilities in Parscov, Buzau County:

  • near to the one of the most important forest districts of Romania, the most important beech forests in the country, source for the best quality logs
  • near to the main port Constanta, Romania

This is an important logistical advantage.

The factory covers a surface of over 260,000 square meters and has developed modern production, transport and storage facilities, including a large kiln drying capacity of 32 kiln driers.

LEMNKING uses only high quality raw materials – beech, oak, softwood (fir & spruce) provided by carefully selected and reliable suppliers. Production is conceived exclusively for export markets.

We managed, through a very well balanced quality/price ratio to accede to highly competitive markets, but also to maintain and develop a good market position. Our products can be found in Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan), Europe, Middle East and Americas.

The quality of LEMNKING‘s products is insured not only by usage of finest raw materials, but also through the value added by the employees. We owe our performances to our priceless human resources.

Our specialists have more than thirty years experience in the industry at both national and international level, whether they perform acquisition, production, sales or customer service.

Good business relationships with top Romanian suppliers and with more than 100 very demanding foreign companies testify in favor of our commitment towards quality products and services and customer satisfaction.

LEMNKING, along with other member companies, plays a key role durable development of forestry economy.

Although quality, profitability, and business development are our major objectives, we keep in mind at all times that wood exploitation must be accomplished simultaneous with careful resource management.

We always take into account that the consumption of one of the few renewable raw materials must be done without damaging the environment.